New World is getting a Wheel of Time event for Christmas

A New World Wheel of Time crossover event has been confirmed, and it'll kick off on December 24.

New World is getting a The Wheel of Time crossover event

Despite being only out for a few months, New World is getting its first crossover event with Amazon’s other major fantasy property – no, not Lord of the Rings, it’s The Wheel of Time Amazon Prime series, which will let players get access to a number of outfits and items themed around the show.

New World is in the middle of its Winter Convergence Festival event right now, which runs through to January 11 and features seasonal quests, presents to recover and deliver, new resources to gather, and a new enemy called the Winter Warrior who is waging a war to create a “forever winter” – who will probably stick around even after the festival is up.

As part of the event, Amazon has confirmed a crossover between New World and The Wheel of Time fantasy universes – which will take the form of Twitch Drops that’ll be available on December 23 to coincide with the series’ final episode, and will run until the end of the festival on January 11.

According to the New World website, these drops will include “coats, cloaks, blades, and a company crest”. To get hold of these, players will have to watch New World Twitch streams with drops enabled from December 23 at 9 PM PT/December 24 at 5 AM GMT. You’ll have to watch up to seven hours of streams before January 12 at 12 AM PT/8 AM GMT to get the whole set.

New World Wheel of Time Drops

All of this is to tie in with The Wheel of Time Amazon series, which holds its season one finale as the crossover kicks off on December 24. Whether these Wheel of Time items will count among the best gear in New World is yet to be seen – but in the absence of any recent games based on Robert Jordan’s fantasy series, this will have to do fans for now.