Call of Duty 2018 may return to the present day

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Next year’s Call of Duty could return to the present day, if we take seriously the skills and knowledge required for a job role that's just opened up. Not that we ever do - I seriously wrote "moar betterer" in my application for this gig.

For all the latest on this year's entry, here's everything we know about COD: WW2.

Back on point, COD developers Treyarch are advertising for a combat systems designer. They say candidates will “really get [their] attention” if they have a “deep knowledge base of firearms and modern military technology.” Modern. Like Modern Warfare.

To be honest, that's really it, but we thought you'd like to know. These sorts of things can often reveal more than they mean to, forgetting that gamers and media are reading job ads more closely than many candidates.

You can scour the ad for yourself here. Having prestiged once or more in Black Ops III multiplayer is listed as a bonus attribute, as well as the usual stuff about actually being qualified to do the job. Moar betterer.

Each Call of Duty title is made by one of three Activision-owned studios. With Sledgehammer helming this year’s COD: WWII, it’s Treyarch’s turn next year. Their last entry was Black Ops III, which was generally better received than last year's Infinite Warfare, by Infinity Ward.

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