Next Car Game’s Early Access smashes failed Kickstarter goal

Next Car Game's Early Access doubles sales over Christmas

After Bugbear pulled their Next Car Game Kickstarter, realising it wouldn’t come close to reaching its funding target, the developer decided to employ an Early Access initiative instead. It looks like this decision has paid off, as Next Car Game reached and then surpassed its initial crowdfunding target just before Christmas. 

Sales of the demolition derby-style racer doubled over the holiday week, and the demo has been downloaded a significant 50,000 times. 

Bugbear was very honest about the state of the game when it went on sale, admitting that”It probably doesn’t run any better than any old junk car bought off the street.” But this doesn’t seem to have deterred people from getting their mits on it early.

The developer has been able to use this Early Access release to get feedback and suggestions from the new community while polishing the title and adding new features. “All this is of course a testament to how awesome crowd of supporters we are fortunate enough to have. Although our game is still at a pretty early stage, and as such, contains many missing features and numerous bugs, the players have loved what we already got and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. We’ve already received a plenty of smart suggestions for future improvements, some of which will of course find their way into the final game.”

If you pre-order Next Car Game, you’ll get access to the work-in-progress, along with a Steam key when that version is available. Pre-orders are only on Bugbear’s website at the moment.

Cheers, VG24/7.