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Nier Automata might get a sequel, teased in the weirdest way possible

Nier Automata director Yoko Taro reportedly got the crowd at the London Nier concert excited about a sequel in front of Square Enix.

Nier Automata sequel tease: a woman in black with white hair, a blindfold over her eyes, and two swords on her back

Nier Automata and series director Yoko Taro appears to have been involved in what could be an elaborate tease for a third game during the ongoing Nier concert tour, according to one of the people claiming to have been in attendance. While this should absolutely be taken with a grain of salt, it feels like a rather fitting way of even having the conversation about a potential Nier 3.

Ever since 2017’s Nier Automata, we’ve been clamoring for a third entry into the RPG game series. There’s been a lot of rumblings over the years, but now we have something quite conclusive – if you believe it, that is.

What I’m about to describe apparently took place at the London Nier concert on Wednesday, February 14. According to ResetEra user ‘SanTheSly,’ who says they were there, both Taro and the president of Square Enix were in attendance.

“Anecdote from the Nier London concert, but Yoko Taro took the stage at the end, told the audience that the Square Enix president was in the crowd and that if we wanted an Automata sequel to give the loudest applause of the night.

“The room immediately erupted into claps, cheers, and yells,” SanTheSly adds.

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“How much of what Taro said is true is up for debate, but the case was made abundantly clear in person to Taro himself, at the very least.” According to SanTheSly the word R3PENT also flashed up during the show, which many think was a direct tease, or at least a way to drum up some hype.

Now, if you believe that is entirely up to you, but with Nier Automata celebrating eight million copies sold since launch just a week after the concert in London, it’s safe to say that Square Enix knows people want to play more Nier.

With the Nier Automata secret room mystery still fresh in everyone’s minds (which turned out to be viral marketing for fan-designed mod tools, by the way), a vague post about a third Nier game at one of the recent concerts doesn’t sound so far-fetched, does it? Even so, we won’t know until Square Enix makes it official.

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