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Nightingale dev is speaking with Epic to push past build limits

As divisive survival game Nightingale looks to expand its maximum build cap, its developer has spoken to Epic about Unreal Engine limits.

Nightingale dev speaks to Epic as it looks to push past build limits - A woman in a red dress and hat holds up a lantern.

In a year of big open-world survival games including the likes of Palworld, Enshrouded, Minicology, and The Planet Crafter, the fantasy world of Nightingale has met with a mixed reception on Steam despite its gorgeous designs and interesting premise. We’re still in the first months of early access, however, and as it looks to respond to the most common player complaints and continue improving the game, developer Inflexion Games hosts a live Q&A session on its Discord channel.

The Nightingale live question and answer session, which has now concluded with a full transcription made available to read, features Inflexion Games CEO Aaryn Flynn, lead designer Bjorn Taylor, production director Leah Summers, art director Neil Thompson, and senior director David Holmes, who took turns answering community questions from players about the current state of the survival game.

One particularly high priority among the community is expanding building limits. During its Nightingale 0.2 update video, the team says that the game’s current limits are some of the highest stable limits it’s reached in testing. During the Q&A, Flynn says, “We’ve chatted with [Unreal Engine developer] Epic as well about some limitations that we believe exist in Unreal and to help understand what’s possible around those.”

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“We absolutely 100% want to see higher part counts and bigger limits so we can let all of you be creative,” Flynn continues. “We also want to do more creative tilesets – ways for you to express what you’re doing and ways for you to express yourself with new things you can earn in the realms.”

Elsewhere in the Q&A, Flynn addresses the question of how complex Inflexion Games wants the final game to feel. “The biggest and most important thing for us when it comes to that is [that] we absolutely want depth, but the depth should be understandable,” he remarks. He says that the launch version of the game had a good amount of depth, but that “a lot of it can be confusing or difficult to understand,” something the 0.2 update aims to rectify.

Asked about the potential for mounts, Taylor says, “I really want them,” but notes that there’s currently no tech developed for it so it’s not something to expect any time soon. He also says that, while there’s currently no short-term plans to use NPCs to automate crafting, he does “see a scenario where they are involved down the road.”

Nightingale developer talks to Epic about increasing build limits - A figure tied to a tree-like structure.

The full transcription of the Q&A, which includes extensive contemplation on even more potential future ideas and how the team is feeling about the current state of the game, is available via the Nightingale website.

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