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What is a Nightingale Puzzle Core?

Finding a Nightingale Puzzle Core is at first intriguing, as you can’t interact with the mysterious item, so here’s what they’re for.

A blue Nightingale puzzle core, sitting on a stone floor.

How do you solve a Nightingale Puzzle Core? Nightingale’s varied realms are full of secrets, and just some of those come in the form of Puzzle Cores. These small, crystal like items appear in the world with a Hope Echo above them, but may require some work before revealing themselves to you.

As you explore the crafting game using Nightingale Realm Cards, you will uncover more and more magical places, each with their own stories to find. If you want to make sure you don’t miss a thing, get more eyes on the ground with Nightingale multiplayer, and you and your friends should have no problem locating the puzzles and Puzzle Cores around you. Once you do, here’s some help in solving them.

A completed Nightingale Puzzle Core, with glittering lights above it.

Nightingale Puzzle Core

Nightingale Puzzle Cores come in different forms, found after solving a puzzle or by defeating enemies at an Occupation. Solving some will lead you to Fae Chests and valuable rewards, while others reveal Favors.

Some Puzzle Cores are found in Occupations – large, pre-generated structures surrounded by dangerous enemies. These can be uncovered by simply defeating the foe and exploring the structure. When you find the Puzzle Core here and release the Hope Echo, two white dots appear, one on the Core itself, the other indicating where a Fae Chest can be found. You may have to break walls or other obstacles to find the chest.

Nightingale Puzzle Core: A completed Nightingale Puzzle, showing lit up Puzzle Pieces.

Others require you to complete a puzzle, activating puzzle pieces in a particular order. For this, watch the order in which Puzzle Pieces light up, and interact with them in the same order. Interacting with Puzzle Pieces in the wrong order will rest the puzzle, and you can watch the lights again. Upon completion, release the nearby Hope Echo and a nearby Favor will be revealed to you.

Once you have completed a Nightingale Puzzle Core, a shimmering constellation appears above it, so you always know when you find one whether or not you’ve completed it before.

That’s all you need to know to reveal the secrets of the Nightingale Puzzle Core, leaving precious items open for the taking in the survival game, with powerful healing potions among the loot available. If you find yourself struggling with an Occupation, make sure you have the best Nightingale weapons in your arsenal.