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Best Nightingale weapons

The best Nightingale weapons can see you through the toughest biomes and boss battles, so here’s how to get the most bang for your buck.

Best Nightingale weapons: The Realmwalker steps through into a new world ripe for exploration.

What are the best Nightingale weapons? Survival isn’t just about building a shelter and cooking over a campfire; it’s also about grabbing a powerful weapon to fend off any threats that come your way. The dense forests, arid deserts, and diseased swamps of the Realm Network are teeming with all manner of creatures that won’t take kindly to you tramping through their natural habitat, and you need to defend yourself if you want to stay alive.

Thankfully, the best weapons in Nightingale can ensure you survive the most dangerous encounters in the open-world game – whether that’s hunting down Nightingale Apex Creatures or taking on powerful Nightingale bosses. We’ve collected the cream of the crop across a wide variety of weapon types, so you can kit yourself out with the best guns and melee weapons regardless of your preferred playstyle.

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The best Nightingale weapons

The best Nightingale weapons are:

  • Éclair ‘Paradox’ Shotgun
  • Chassepot Rifle (Tin)
  • Webley Revolver
  • Ornate Maul (Tin)
  • Ornate Hunting Knife (Tin)

The Eclair Paradox Shotgun, one of the best Nightingale weapons.

Éclair ‘Paradox’ Shotgun

  • Weapon Type: Two-handed, Missile
  • Ranged Damage: 1,620
  • Critical Damage: x1.1
  • Magick Power: 40.5
  • Strength: 54
  • Blocking Efficiency: 225.0%
  • Durability: 540
  • Range Rating: 108

There are a variety of shotguns that can comfortably see you through the Faewilds, but one stands head and shoulders above the rest. The Éclair ‘Paradox’ Shotgun can comfortably blast its way through the largest health pools in the Realms, as long as you can reckon with its restricted range rating. Thankfully, it also comes with an impressive blocking efficiency – a stat that’s typically reserved for melee weapons but indispensable given how close you have to get to make the most out of the Éclair’s devastating close-range damage. While its crit multiplier lags behind other weapon types, we highly recommend pairing it with elemental ammo for supplementary bonus damage.

The Chassepot Rifle, one of the best Nightingale weapons.

Chassepot Rifle (Tin)

  • Weapon Type: Two-handed, Missile
  • Ranged Damage: 675
  • Critical Damage: x3.4
  • Magick Power: 27
  • Strength: 54
  • Durability: 594
  • Range Rating: 270

The Chessepot Rifle is a single-shot bolt-action rifle that’s tailor-made for seasoned sharpshooters. Its staggering range rating makes it an excellent choice if you prefer to engage enemies from the safety of a sniper’s nest. While its limited chamber demands precision, its impressive crit multiplier is well worth the extra time it takes to successfully line up a shot. It’s a little low in the Magick Power department, so if you’re primarily a spellcaster, you may wish to go for the Lee Metford Rifle instead at the cost of a fraction of your ranged damage. However, as far as raw damage output is concerned, the Chassepot Rifle emerges as the clear winner of its weapon type.

The Webley Revolver, one of the best Nightingale weapons.

Webley Revolver

  • Weapon Type: Mainhand, Missile
  • Ranged Damage: 40
  • Critical Damage: x2
  • Magick Power: 40.5
  • Strength: 27
  • Durability: 540
  • Range Rating: 81

This trusty six-shooter is the perfect companion to any expedition across the Faewilds thanks to its robust damage output and rapid reload time. It’s also one-handed, which keeps your off-hand free to hold an umbrella or lantern, or even swig a much-needed potion. Naturally, a revolver can’t match up to the damage output of a shotgun or rifle but the Webley comes with a built-in emergency button that unleashes all bullets in the cylinder at once, allowing you to lay waste to whatever tries to get up in your face.

The Ornate Maul, one of the best Nightingale weapons.

 Ornate Maul (Tin)

  • Weapon Type: Two-handed, Bludgeoning
  • Melee Damage: 486
  • Magick Power: 81
  • Strength: 54
  • Blocking Efficiency: 375.0%
  • Durability: 742.5
  • Stamina Cost: 6

Sometimes you have to put away the boomstick and just get whacking. The Ornate Maul is the ideal answer to any situation where you’re swarmed with Bound and bullets just aren’t cutting it. Thankfully, it comes with an impressive blocking efficiency to facilitate close-quarters melee, along with a high durability to boot. The Ornate Maul’s raw power is the real star of this show, boasting a base damage output that exceeds the Webley Revolver’s – just bear in mind that there’s no crit multiplier to push it even further.

The Ornate Hunting Knife, one of the best Nightingale weapons.

Ornate Hunting Knife (Tin)

  • Weapon Type: Mainhand, Piercing
  • Melee Damage: 86.4
  • Critical Damage: x3.9
  • Magick Power: 81
  • Strength: 13.5
  • Stamina Efficiency: 15.5%
  • Stealth Rating: 54.0%
  • Durability: 594
  • Stamina Cost: 4

The Ornate Hunting Knife is the go-to weapon for any Realmwalker that prioritizes a slow and stealthy approach over a blind charge. While its damage output pales compared to close-range firearms, its stamina efficiency allows you to slash away unsuspecting foes with abandon. Naturally, this makes it a perfect tool for hunting and skinning, as well as getting the drop on hostile stragglers patrolling vaults and other points of interest.

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