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How does the Nightingale Realmic Transmutor work?

This bewildering device can alter your entire Nightingale Realm just by inputting a few cards - but where are they, and how does it work?

How does the Realmic Transmutor work in Nightingale? The beauty of Inflexion’s new survival game is its ability to shift and alter your world at a moment’s notice. By collecting Realm cards you can travel to new destinations or change your current one, but it comes with a cost.

The Nightingale Realmic Transmutor is one of the devices you’ll need to locate if you want to alter your world. Whether you’re playing Nightingale multiplayer or solo, you’ll probably want to know what these devices can do, and how you can use them.

Nightingale realmic transmutor map

What is the Nightingale Realmic Transmutor?

The Realmic Transmutor is used in Nightingale to insert Minor cards which alter your current Realm, for better or worse. 

There are so many Realm cards in Nightingale that we haven’t found them all yet. However, the ones we have found are proving rather interesting. Minor Realm cards can be taken to a Realmic Transmutor to alter your abilities, the world, enemies, harvesting, and more.

Nightingale Realmic Transmutor

We tried out a Minor card which affected our fall damage velocity, jump velocity and stamina in a negative way, but rewarded us with hugely increased melee damage and a much greater yield for anything we harvested. Another card saw bloodthirsty enemies filling the map, but the items harvested from slaying them was much higher than usual. In this way, Nightingale’s world truly is yours to manipulate as you see fit.

You can find a Realmic Transmutor fairly easily in Nightingale, as they’re marked on your map.

Now that you know how to use the Realmic Transmutor, you might want to know about all of the Nightingale Realm Cards and the way in which they affect your playthrough. We’ve also got the Nightingale system requirements, if you’re worrying about your rig keeping up.