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Nightingale server status and planned maintenance

If you are experiencing a login error, the Nightingale servers may be down due to overpopulation or, simply, scheduled maintenance.

Nightingale scheduled maintenance: Fae Puck holds a finger to his lips.

Are the Nightingale servers down? Nightingale might take you between a series of stunning Realms, but no matter which you’re currently in, there’s no escaping server downtime. If servers go down unexpectedly, or are taken offline for maintenance, you’ll have to spend some time back in the real world.

As with all online games, there are multiple reasons why you might be kicked from the servers. Nightingale is no different, and there are a few Nightingale error messages, including those you might see during Nightingale scheduled maintenance. If you can’t get into the survival game right now, read on to find out if there’s something wider going on with Nightingale servers, or if it’s something on your end.

An image of Nightingale's Puck with the text "Planned Server Maintenance".

Nightingale server status

The Nightingale servers are currently live, with no imminent planned maintenance. The last Nightingale scheduled maintenance went live at 3am PT, 6am ET, 11am GMT on February 21, 2024, and lasted just over an hour. This was announced on the official Twitter/X, but was not shown in-game, as players were kicked out of active sessions.

If you are kicked out of the game or experience the ‘Travel Error’ or ‘Shards Error’ pop-ups, this is because the Nightingale servers are currently down. This only affects Realms, so if you are new to the game, you can still create your character and proceed through the tutorial section before being kicked. Any further than this, single player or otherwise, you will be unable to play until servers are back online.

To find out when the next maintenance is due to take place in Nightingale, you can check the game’s official Twitter/X feed, or the Nightingale website.

Nightingale Shards error as it appears in games.

Nightingale errors

You may experience multiple error screens when Nightingale servers go down, including Shards Error and Travel Error, both confirming you are unable to travel between realms at this time.

If you experience either of these Nightingale error messages, all there is do to is wait until servers are back online. You can check this page, or the Nightingale social pages linked above, to check on the situation.

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