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All Nightingale Apex Creatures and how to beat them

The Nightingale Apex Creatures can bestow different rewards to allies or enemies, so here’s how to hunt them down and befriend or beat them.

Inflexion Games' concept art for Humbaba, one of the Nightingale Apex Creatures.

What are the Nightingale Apex Creatures? The Faewilds are awash with all manner of flora and fauna, but Apex Creatures stand head and shoulders above the rest. These legendary bosses are native to Nightingale’s major biomes, and while they’re difficult to miss once you’re in their general vicinity, tracking them down can certainly be a real challenge.

Of course, tracking down Apex Creatures in Nightingale is just the first step on your hunt in the open-world game. While it’s tempting to charge up and start beating them to a pulp, Apex Creatures are not hostile by default, and sparing them can bestow rare rewards. If you’d prefer to let your guns do all the talking, we highly recommend hopping into Nightingale multiplayer – while it is possible to take Apex Creatures on solo, it’s not an easy feat. Without further ado, here’s every Apex Creature in Nightingale and how to beat them.

All Nightingale Apex Creatures

Here are all the Nightingale Apex Creatures:

  • Humbaba
  • Elder Eoten
  • Sun Giant

Humbaba, one of the Nightingale Apex Creatures, stalks through the swamp biome.


Location: Swamp
Drops: Hide (Humbaba), Meat (Humbaba), Bones (Humbaba)

Humbaba is the draconic Apex Creature that free-roams the murky swamps of the Faewilds, leaving a trail of fallen trees and structures in its wake. While she’s certainly intimidating, she remains non-hostile until attacked, so there’s no need to keep your distance to avoid aggro. Once she’s under threat, she’s devastating at close range, capable of closing distances in a single leap to take out anything in front of her with long sweeps of her winged talons.

If you’re tackling her as part of a group, your best bet is to spread out and use long-range weaponry to bait her attention. A sniper’s nest can come in handy depending on where you choose to engage Humbaba. However, she will will retreat once she loses a significant portion of her health, and either return a short while later to continue the fight or simply wait for you to track her down and finish her off.

Once she’s down, you can skin Humbaba as you would any other creature in Nightingale, which unlocks new armor and rare items to craft back at your base.

The Elder Eoten, one of the Nightingale Apex Creatures, raises its roots as it summons Fae magic to attack the hostile Realmwalker.

Elder Eoten

Location: Forest
Drops: Elder Eoten Wood

The Elder Eoten is an enormous sentient tree located deep in the forests of the Faewilds. Once you track it down, you can present this oaken wonder an offering in exchange for Elder Eoten Wood, but take care not to offend it by giving it the wrong kind of item. It’s particularly fond of meat, so hand over any you’ve got stashed away in your inventory for some ultra-rare building material. Alternatively, you can just start hacking into the Elder Eoten and attempt to take it by force, but be prepared for a vicious fight in the process.

The Sun Giant, one of the Nightingale Apex Creatures, appraises an item the Realmwalker has handed him.

Sun Giant

Location: Desert
Drops: TBA

The Sun Giant is a peaceful Apex Creature that wanders the desert plains for trinkets and other oddities that take his fancy. Despite his intimidating size, he’s not prone to violence. Instead, he’ll crouch down to greet you and extend his hand to receive any items that you think he might like. Like the Elder Eoten, the Sun Giant has his preferences when it comes to offerings, but he won’t take it as an insult. If you decide to try to take everything he’s collected by force, expect to feel the full fury of his Fae magick.

Nightingale Apex Creatures: The Realmwalker hunts Humbaba across the swamp biome.

How to hunt Apex Creatures

You can hunt Apex Creatures by casting the ‘Track Legend’ spell. You can apply this enchantment to your high-level Hunting Knife and cast it to reveal a golden trail that leads directly to the Apex Creature in the Realm. However, if you’re still in the early hours of the survival game and lacking in spell power, there’s always a chance to stumble upon Apex Creatures during regular exploration.

Now that you know how to locate the Nightingale Apex Creatures, it’s up to you to decide how you deal with them. If you plan to take them on solo, be sure to visit the Nightingale Realmic Transmutor and activate any Minor Cards that might work in your favor. Alternatively, you can seek out alternative combat challenges at Nightingale Sites of Power, which pit you against deadly bosses for a chance at obtaining new Nightingale Realm Cards to add to your collection.