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How to get Nightingale Stone Blocks

There’s a lot of resources to keep track of in Nightingale, including stone blocks. This guide details where to find and how to mine them.

a man exploring a rocky region in nightingale

What are stone blocks used for in Nightingale? For the most part, you’ll need stone blocks to create more durable structures when you first begin your adventure as a Realmwalker. As a crafting heavy survival game, this is absolutely integral to your survival before you begin to make stronger structures and more threatening weapons. But where to get them? Resources in Nightingale don’t exactly glow with effervescent light like in some other games in the genre.

Do you have other questions about Nightingale? We’ve got answers, from how to get Nightingale Essence Dust to how to beat all Nightingale Apex Creatures. It’s a complicated game in a complicated genre with an overwhelming amount of tutorial textboxes to read through, so no judgment if you have questions. For more on stone blocks, read on.

a pile of stone blocks to pick up in nightingale

How to get Nightingale Stone Blocks

During the tutorial missions with the enigmatic Puck, you’ll craft a Makeshift Mining Pick. Once you’ve left the tutorial mission into your chosen biome – forest, desert, or swamp – in an Abeyance realm, you’ll be able to mine Stone Blocks by locating small boulders to whack with your mining pick.

No matter which biome you choose, look for large outcroppings of rock with smaller boulders surrounding them. These are usually located farther from clusters of trees or near water. While you cannot mine these larger boulders, the small boulders will break apart and produce stone blocks for all your early-game building needs, such as crude stone floors, walls, and more, which come highly recommended over the crude wooden counterparts as they’re more durable.

Do note that there are different kinds of Stone Blocks. The ones in the forest biome are of the sandstone type, though as of yet we’re uncertain if certain types are required for different builds.

With this information under your proverbial belt, you shouldn’t have an issue finding all the stone blocks required to build a little base of operations. If you’re keen on playing crafting survival games but aren’t a fan of Nightingale’s ‘gaslamp fantasy’ style or the odd-looking characters, head on over to our best survival games guide or our comprehensive list of best crafting games on PC to get your fix.