This unique survival game has a stress test, but you need to act fast

Nightingale is already one of the most intriguing survival games of 2024, and you can join a stress test right now, but it won't last long.

character from Nightingale

Steampunk meets the survival genre in Nightingale, one of the most fascinating new titles of 2024. It’s also a game you can be involved in right now as part of a stress test going on this very moment, but you need to be really quick if you want to join.

You have until 10am MT to get stuck in to Nightingale for this exciting stress test. It’s a win-win situation, really. You get to have some fun and run wild in this unique survival game, while the devs get to gather all the information they need to ensure the game is the best it can be when the game finally drops for real.

The Nightingale release date is set for Thursday February 22, but early access is available at the moment. However, the opportunity to be assigned a random character and be truly let loose in the Fae Realms is too good to pass up, surely.

The plan of action, as per the official Nightingale announcement, is that all players who sign up for the stress test will be admitted in one fell swoop rather than in batches as originally expected. The test actually begins at 11am MT, but players can still join after the server opens, depending on player count at the time.

Players will then enter a “tailored version” of the Realms, with “upgraded tools and gear,” and access to a whole bunch of previously locked recipes, too. Apparently, you will essentially be playing as a Realmwalker who has banked ten hours’ worth of achievements and items, which sounds like a lot of fun.

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Join the Nightingale Playtest on Steam right here, right now and see how the game is getting along in its development process. Or, you can be a part of the early access crowd for Nightingale, if you’d rather dive in at your own leisure.

If you’re all in on this title, you’d better check those Nightingale system requirements to ensure your PC is up to the task, or explore some more fantasy games for a similar vibe.

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