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Bloodborne PC might be dead, but its spiritual spin-off just hit Steam

The Bloodborne PC port might never happen, but a playful, pseudo spin-off of FromSoftware’s RPG is finally on Steam, and available today.

Nightmare Kart Steam release: A mythical character from Bloodborne inspired racing game Nightmare Kart

The Bloodborne PC port seems doomed to eternal vaporware status, languishing in the ethereality of videogame dreams alongside Half-Life 3, a new Deus Ex, and – for me personally – the return of IO Interactive’s Freedom Fighters (it’ll happen one day!). But while FromSoftware’s RPG was absent from Sony’s recent State of Play, we still have the upcoming Elden Ring DLC Shadow of the Erdtree – and something else, too. A playful twist on the grimdark world of Yharnam, the unlikeliest Bloodborne pseudo spin-off you could ever imagine is on Steam today.

Originally released as Bloodborne Kart, the newly rebranded Nightmare Kart is a fast, bloody, and wonderfully polygonal racer that pays homage to FromSoftware’s Lovecraftian RPG. As per Bloodborne itself, you play a beast hunter, charged with hunting down and eliminating the most vile creatures to stalk the streets of a bizarre, malformed version of Victorian London.

In Bloodborne, you achieve this with scythe and shotgun. In Nightmare Kart, you vanquish opponents using high speed and sweet drifts – and also scythes and shotguns. Fun, imaginative, and a throwback to vehicular combat games of old, with Nightmare Kart, our wait for the Elden Ring DLC release date suddenly feels more bearable.

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There are 12 unique vehicles, multiple tracks, and Nightmare Kart boasts a chunky, PS1-style aesthetic reminiscent of Bloodborne’s own distant ancestor, the beloved cult classic Nightmare Creatures. Of course, we still want to see FromSoftware’s opus come to PC – we’ve got God of War, Uncharted, Ghost of Tsushima, and all the rest – but until that happens, Nightmare Kart is a fun, homegrown tribute. If you want to play it, Nightmare Kart launches today, Friday May 31, and you can get it on Steam right here.

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