A No Man’s Sky fan is recreating the Colosseum, and it looks pretty darn fantastic

A No Man's Sky has used the latest Frontier update content to recreate a world-famous monument

A No Man's Sky fan recreation of the Colosseum using Frontiers update content

It looks like the latest No Man’s Sky update, Frontiers, has got the space game’s fans inspired in all kinds of impressive ways. Introducing “living, breathing Mos Eisley-type settlements”, hundreds of new base-building parts, an overhauled grid menu for this mechanic, and a ton more besides, the update has given fans scope to craft all kinds of structures they previously couldn’t – and one particularly impressive example is a work-in-progress recreation of Rome’s world-famous Colosseum.

No Man’s Sky fan Jesse Raynor has posted some shots of their WIP creation on Twitter, which you can see below – and it looks pretty darn spot on to me. Like the real thing, the No Man’s Sky amphitheatre is an enormous circular structure with multiple levels – some of the top ones missing on one side, à la the real ancient Roman ruins – with architectural features and embellishments that make it instantly recognisable.

It’s already caught the eye of Hello Games founder Sean Murray, who’s retweeted the post, and gained a whole lot of likes and impressed comments. “When I saw the new base parts I was like ‘I can build a proper Colosseum'”, Raynor says in the replies, and they’ve also confirmed that the build gets some great shadow effects, presumably when the sun’s just right. Lovely.

The creator also solves the mystery on some fans’ minds about what lies in their Colosseum’s centre: “Lol, the centre of the arena is a deep pit were I mined all the silicate”, they explain. Well, it was either going to be that or some (zany space) lions. Probably. Take a look at this creative bit of base-building wizardry for yourself below:

If you’re keen to see what’s new – and now possible – with the latest No Man’s Sky update, head to the patch notes on the game’s site at that link.

Top image credit: Jesse Raynor / Twitter