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Is No Rest for the Wicked on Game Pass?

The action RPG from Moon Studios is currently exploding on Steam early access, but will No Rest for the Wicked be available on Game Pass?

Is No Rest for the Wicked on Game Pass? Moon Studios, the creators of Ori and the Blind Forest, and Will of the Wisps, have gone in a distinctly more grimdark-fantasy direction with its newest offering. No Rest for the Wicked tells the story of a warrior who has to cleanse the lands of a pestilence that turns people into abominations, it’s less of a Metroidvania and more of a souls-like, with precise combat and a lot of blood splatter. Lovely Stuff.

The early No Rest for the Wicked player numbers have been impressive, with players jumping at the chance to play the RPG game despite it only being in early access. If you haven’t had a chance to play, you might be wondering whether No Rest for the Wicked will appear on Game Pass.

No Rest for the Wicked: a warrior leaps into the air, axe overhead.

Is No Rest for the Wicked on Game Pass

No, No Rest for the Wicked is currently not on Game Pass. Due to the premium nature of the early access on Steam, we think it’s unlikely that No Rest will ever appear on the subscription service, lest the developer incur the wrath of the paying members of the player base.

You can purchase No Rest for the Wicked on Steam right now for $39.99 / £34.99. It is in early access and thus does come with the caveat of being unfinished, to a point. Some players have complained about the game’s performance, with others citing the odd crash tainting the fun, so keep that in mind.

Now you know about No Rest for the Wicked on Game Pass, will you be picking it up via other means? If you’re going to wait until the game is out of early access, we have a list of the best new PC games that you could try, and even the most exciting upcoming games here, some of which are coming out this month.