GTX 1060 running in your rig like an arthritic dog? There’s an Nvidia driver hotfix for that…

Best graphics card - Nvidia GTX 1060

Nvidia have been giving some GTX 1060 owners a torrid time recently, endlessly messing up their gaming rigs if they decided to update to the latest drivers.  I mean, who would do such a thing? Thankfully the green team have now released a hotfix which is supposed to sort out these issues.

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The recent GeForce 397.31 drivers, which introduced the first real-time raytracing developer preview, as well as being the first streamlined release to ditch both Fermi and 32-bit OS support, also bricked people’s machines. Oops.

They had previously announced a basic ‘fix’ for the failed installation problem, which essentially amounted to ‘turn it off and on again.’ They recommended to disable and re-enable your Nvidia GPU in Device Manager, which would force it to reload the driver, or just revert back to the old 391.35 release.

But they have now released a proper hotfix for the driver issue, with release 397.55, which you can download from here.

This is GeForce Hot Fix driver version 397.55 that addresses the following:

    • After driver installation, Device Manager may report Code 43 error on a few GTX 1060 cards models.
    • Netflix playback may occasionally stutter.
    • Added support for Microsoft Surface Book notebooks.
    • Windows 10: Driver may get removed after PC has been left idle for an extended period of time.

So yes, if your old GTX 1060 has been struggling recently, blame Nvidia and download the new driver.