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New Nvidia Volta announcements? Watch today’s GTC 2018 livestream here

Nvidia GTC 2018 keynote

Nvidia’s GPU Technology Conference kicks off today with Jen-Hsun’s keynote in front of a packed San Jose auditorium. We’re hoping for a little more clarity on future GeForce graphics plans, but there’s a slim chance we might also see new Nvidia Volta cards too. Find out for yourself by watching the webcast here.

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GPU Technology Conference

We were initially told by Nvidia that there wouldn’t be any new consumer graphics cards being launched at either last week’s GDC or this week’s GTC events. The GPU Technology Conference is not really a gaming-focused event and our Nvidia contacts have said that it will be mostly fixed around machine learning, AI, and automotiverisation.

But there have been many rumours floating around the interweb badlands that promise we’ll see a launch of new GeForce cards at this very event, with GTX 1181 Turing-powered GPUs being announced and launched in the same breath.

That seems a little far-fetched to us, but who knows.

What we’re really expecting is for Jen-Hsun to finally unveil a fresh GPU roadmap, something we haven’t seen from the green team in many a long year. Certainly not since the GPU road dropped off a Volta-shaped cliff…

With all the noises surrounding the potential Nvidia Turing and Ampere codenames it’s very possible that these might be the new GPU architectures that will fill out any potential roadmap that gets shared today by Nvidia’s effusive CEO. Though it’s also possible they were just made up and we’ll have some brand new GPU names to mull over. We’ll know soon enough…

That’s because the keynote address will start at 9am PT.