The Nvidia GTX 1180 GPU ‘leak’ is fiction masqueraded as graphics card fact

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Don’t get too excited about the ‘fresh’ Nvidia GTX 1180 information popping up on TechPowerUp, they’re just populating their GPU database with existing rumours in advance of a potential release of the release of the Volta-based graphics cards later this year. It ain’t no leak.

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As is their wont, certain denizens of the internet have discovered TechPowerUp filling speculative boxes in their GPU database, all in the name of preparation (and a modicum of SEO), and jumped on it as some sort of definitive specs leak. What TechPowerUp is doing is perfectly reasonable, that speculation being presented as definite, undisputed fact by others is most definitely not.

We still don’t know 100% what the next generation of Nvida graphics cards are going to be called or even what the GPU inside them is going to be. We’re still betting on the Nvidia Volta being the base design, especially given the reliance on Volta for the upcoming real-time raytracing, so the GV104 nomenclature seems sound.

But as for GTX 1180? I’m still swaying between that and GTX 2080 on a daily cadence.

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The database has essentially then been filled with the same rumoured specifications and speculation that has been floating around the tech world for around a year now. That means all the details about a 12mn FinFET lithography, GDDR6 memory, and the GPU configuration have been extrapolated from existing cards, guesswork, and prior rumourmongering.

That doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Most of the details about a potential GV104 GPU sound pretty reasonable, and the speeds and feeds cribbed from older cards do too, but it’s not a leak and this isn’t new information.