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This Nvidia RTX gaming PC lives inside a drawer, for reasons

A gaming PC enthusiast has transformed a desk drawer into an Nvidia RTX 2070 rig, but the space saving project comes with expected caveats

Blurred image of gaming PC in drawer with RTX 2070 graphics card layered on top

A gaming PC builder has stuffed an entire rig into an open drawer, and it’s quite something. The unconventional rig is even armed with an Nvidia RTX 2070 graphics card, but it might not be a practical alternative to a standard PC case.

Reddit user Pescel has taken some spare parts and an empty living room drawer, and put the two together to make this unique gaming PC. It features the aforementioned Nvidia GPU and an Intel Core i7-4770 CPU. However, without proper airflow, there’s a chance it could overheat, meaning it’s probably not the best gaming PC in terms of efficiency.

Pescel says they haven’t checked the temperatures yet, but they don’t plan on using it as a heavy gaming PC. The build itself does look like a nifty way of saving space, with enough room to accommodate the motherboard, power supply, and even a Samsung 850 EVO SSD. However, the build makes little effort to manage cables, resulting in something that looks a bit like a pile of loose wires.

Image of gaming PC installed in a desk drawer

Naturally, the crammed build comes with unfortunate temperature drawbacks (was that a pun?) and would likely benefit from the best AIO cooler. That said, it’s a nice way to free up some gaming desk space, or save you from forking out for an expensive case.

In terms of minimization, there are a number of ways to condense a rig down to smaller proportions. Take the lunchbox gaming PC that’s just taller than a can of Coke, or our collection of the best mini PC builds you can buy or make yourself. We’ve seen some fantastic gaming machines over the years, but more often than not, they at least have adequate venting. Oh, and if you’re seeking inspiration, then check the massive Custom PC list of the 100 best PC builds.