Nvidia RTX 4090 performance could more than double RTX 3090

A few wave of Nvidia RTX 4090 leaks suggest that the graphics card will more than double the performance of the RTX 3090, setting the gaming PC bar even higher

Nvidia RTX 4090: RTX 3090 GPU on green backdrop

The upcoming Nvidia RTX 4090 is expected to trump the current best graphics cards, but rumours suggest it’ll outrun the RTX 3090 by more than double. While previous sources claim the green team’s next flagship GeForce card will be at least twice as fast, it looks like the green team’s contender could leave its predecessor further behind in the dust.

The latest Nvidia RTX 4090 leak comes courtesy of Kopite7kimi, who claims the next-gen GPU will feature speeds “slightly higher than twice the RTX 3090.” While the newcomer’s potential performance will likely be matched with monstrous power requirements, an earlier tweet by the leaker claims that the “TGP of RTX 4090 is still a mystery.”

If the RTX 4090’s rumoured specs are anything to go by, the RTX 4000 series should raise the gaming PC performance bar to new heights. Earlier leaks hint that even the RTX 4060 will feature RTX 3090 levels of ray tracing performance, and the RTX 4070 is supposedly 50% quicker.

Kopite7kimi also shares some new information regarding RTX 4000 power requirements. The leaker says the RTX 4080 is set to come with a 450W TGP, while the RTX 4070 might reach 400W. In other words, you might need to replace your current PSU with the best power supply if you’re upgrading to next gen.

As always, it’s best to take this fresh wave of RTX 4090 performance rumours with a grain of salt, especially since they likely refer to the card’s rasterisation abilities. That said, it looks like both AMD and Intel will have a fight on their hands once the RTX 4000 series shows up, especially since the blue team’s Arc Alchemist A730M apparently struggles to keep up with the RTX 3060.