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New Nvidia App update adds safe GPU overclocking and AV1 recording

Capture gameplay in more detail with a new recording format and overclock your GPU without voiding the warranty thanks to this new update.

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The Nvidia App is the central hub for everything you need to get the best performance out of your games and keep your GPU up to date. Now, Nvidia is making some crucial improvements including adding AV1 as a gameplay recording format and allowing for GPU overclocking direct from the app.

To gain access to these features, you will need to update your version of the Nvidia App when it is live on June 4, at 3am PT. This is the first major update since the launch of the app which was released with the ultimate goal of replacing GeForce Experience and the Nvidia Control Panel.

Whether you’re using the best graphics card, or something more suited to mid-range gaming, the Nvidia App is the most useful tool for optimizing your gaming performance. With this new update, you’ll gain access to the system submenu on the taskbar, this is where you’ll be able to adjust the voltage, power, temperature, and fan speed targets for your GPU.

If you want to settle for automatic tuning, you can open the system menu and let the Nvidia App test your GPU. This will take up to 20 minutes, during which it’s recommended that your gaming PC is left to idle. After this is complete, the app will recommend settings for your GPU that factor in your entire setup. This process lowers the risk involved in trial and error settings testing. If you opt to use the automatic tuning, your GPU warranty will not be invalidated.

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In addition to this new GPU feature, the Nvidia App is also introducing AV1 gameplay recording, a file format that greatly reduces artifacting and allows for more detail to be captured, particularly in fast-moving scenes.

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