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Nvidia’s new AI assistant app is the first one I’m tempted to use

ChatRTX only uses the AI processing abilities of your Nvidia GPU, with no use of the cloud, which reduces my concerns over privacy.

Nvidia has just released an update to its Nvidia ChatRTX AI assistant app, bringing support for more large language models and voice recognition in multiple languages. That’s all somewhat exciting stuff, but the reason I might even consider trying out the app is that it does all its processing locally on your GPU, rather than sharing your data with a cloud server.

Nvidia ChatRTX isn’t the first app to do this, but its support for Nvidia GPUs inherently taps into their widespread use in many of the best graphics cards available right now.

ChatRTX first appeared back in February and came with this key feature back then. However, it’s only now with a fresh update that I’m really sitting up and paying attention.

What ChatRTX allows you to do – with renewed ease of use, thanks to today’s updates – is essentially interact with all the data on your PC in a natural language manner. You can ask it to search your images for pictures of you out hiking, partying with friends, or visiting a certain location. It can also scan through your notes or emails so that you can ask for a summary of your plans with a certain friend, family member, or colleague.

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The actual interface looks quite basic in some ways, with you having to pick the language model to use, or the image navigation model to use, then navigate to the folder where you think the relevant data is stored. However, that’s also what’s somewhat appealing about it. It’s simple and self-contained. There’s no firing off your data to the cloud or the need for huge data stores tracking everything on your PC all at once.

I say all that having not actually tried it yet, but there’s a good chance I’ll be downloading it in a moment and seeing just if it lives up to my hopes. You can download the app here but, be warned, it’s an 11.6GB download.

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