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Download Nvidia’s new driver to boost your Skull and Bones frame rate

Nvidia GPU update 551.52 adds Game Ready support for Skull & Bones, as well as bug fixes and new GeForce Experience profiles.

Skull and Bones Nvidia driver

The latest Nvidia driver will get your gaming PC ready to rule the waves as a pirate in the forthcoming RPG Skull and Bones, adding full support for the new game several days before its release date. The new game supports Nvidia’s DLSS Super Resolution upscaling tech, enabling you to boost frame rates with a smaller visual impact than dropping the resolution, as long as you own a supporting GeForce RTX GPU.

Nvidia says the new Game Ready driver will prove “the best gaming experience” in Skull and Bones, as well as others that support DLSS Super Resolution. Nvidia driver 551.52 also adds a few bug fixes for other games on its GPUs, such as the new RTX 4070 Super, which is one of the best graphics card options available right now.

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In addition, Nvidia has also added some more one-click optimal settings presets for its GeForce Experience software for three new games, which are Helldivers 2, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, and Three Kingdoms: Zhao Yun. We’ve listed all the other bug fixes below, as well as any acknowledged issues that are still outstanding.

Nvidia driver 551.52 bug fixes

  • Intermittent micro-stuttering in games when vsync is enabled.
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 stuttering on some Advanced Optimus notebooks.
  • Immortals of Aveum stability issues over extended gameplay.
  • Potential stuttering when scrolling in web browsers on certain system configurations.

Nvidia driver 551.52 known issues

  • Netflix display issues for videos when using Edge browser. Recommend using Windows Netflix application as a workaround.
  • GeForce GTX 10/RTX 20 series may randomly freeze when Windows Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling and Nvidia SLI are both enabled.
  • Nvidia Freestyle filter settings aren’t saved after quitting game.

If you own an Nvidia GPU that isn’t any older than the GeForce 900 series, you can download Nvidia driver 551.52 for your graphics card here.

The Skull and Bones release date has been a long time coming, following several delays, but we’re looking forward to giving this cooperative pirate RPG a spin when it’s finally released. In the meantime, you can check out the Skull and Bones system requirements to see if your rig can run it.