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Try Nvidia GeForce Now with a day pass, even on Apple Macs

You can now try GeForce Now for just one day to test the service before committing, while Cloud G-Sync brings VRR to PC and Apple Silicon.

Nvidia GeForce Now Day Pass

It’s been a long time coming, but GeForce Now Day Passes have finally launched, with two types available mimicking the Priority and Ultimate subscriptions for 24 hours. In addition to the passes, Cloud G-Sync has also launched, and is compatible with Windows PCs as well as Apple Silicon, bringing a much more feasible gaming experience to Mac products.

Nvidia GeForce now eliminates the need to pack the best graphics card in your gaming PC by allowing you to stream your games through powerful cloud gaming servers. The service requires a subscription to access the best features but can be used for free with certain restrictions in place.

Day passes for Priority ($3.99) and Ultimate ($7.99) have launched, and give 24-hour access based on the level of included perks. Arguably the bigger news comes with the addition of Cloud G-Sync to GeForce Now Ultimate only.

To benefit from Cloud G-Sync, you’ll need to have an Nvidia GTX 16-series or RTX 20-series GPU. For Mac, any product with Apple Silicon will work, in addition to some older Intel-based Macs or the 2019 MacBook Pro when used with one of five AMD Radeon MPX modules. Finally, you need a VRR or G-Sync compatible display. Details of specific hardware and display requirements can be found on the Cloud G-Sync support page.

This tech allows for variable refresh rates to be enabled as the GeForce Now app communicates with your monitor to report the in-game frame rate so the two can be matched up.

While native gaming on Mac hardware continues to be a point of contention, GeForce Now is offering a genuinely feasible way to game on Apple hardware. However, the cost to entry is quite considerable with a GeForce Now Ultimate subscription costing $19.99 a month, with six-month packages available for $99.99.

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