Nvidia RTX 3070 Ti has a 10% gain over the RTX 3070, but costs 20% more

Nvidia's new card doesn't look like the best value

A closeup of Nvidia's new RTX 3070 Ti Founders Edition, with its single fan design

Nvidia’s new RTX 3070 Ti is fresh out of Computex 2021 alongside the RTX 3080 Ti, but won’t hit shelves until June 10. Up until this point, we only had Nvidia’s cherry-picked benchmarks to gauge performance, which pitted the card against its past equivalents rather than other cards in the RTX 3000 or RDNA 2 lineup.

Now that reviews for the card are live ahead of its release, we have a much clearer view of how the GPU performs against other models in the Ampere or AMD family. Its $599 MSRP is 20% higher than its non-Ti sibling, but it doesn’t look like the best graphics card when it comes to value for money, offering up to a 10% performance increase. Sadly, this is pretty modest compared to Nvidia’s RTX 3060 Ti, and even the RTX 3080 Ti.

The card also seems to pale in comparison to AMD’s similarly priced RX 6800 – a card that still hasn’t had a chance to flex its muscles with the upcoming FidelityFX Super Resolution tech yet.

Here’s a roundup of the RTX 3070 Ti’s performance, according to reviewers across the net:

  • Eurogamer: 4-10% fps gain over the RTX 3070 at 4K
  • TechRadar: Around 5-10% faster than the RTX 3070 in most games
  • The Verge: Outperformed by the $579 AMD RX 6800 in most titles
  • PCGamer: Closer to the RTX 3070’s performance than the RTX 3080
  • Rock Paper Shotgun: Little improvement over the RTX 3070 in gaming

While the message echoed by most reviews is that the small fps boost over the standard RTX 3070 isn’t worth an extra $100, you should have your refresh button at the ready for the card’s release on June 10. If you’re lucky enough to grab one at MSRP before it succumbs to the same stock issues as others in the lineup, you’ll get a stonking deal for a 1440p/4K capable card when compared to the over-inflated prices of GPUs on the resale market.