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Nvidia RTX 5090 memory bandwidth to be near double RTX 4090 says leak

Thanks to its use of GDDR7 and a 512-bit memory bus, a new flagship RTX 50 GPU could have close to double the bandwidth of the RTX 4090.

Fresh and tasty Nvidia GPU rumors are here, with the latest Nvidia GeForce RTX 5090 leak suggesting the future flagship RTX 50 graphics card could have a ludicrously high memory bandwidth that’s 78% higher than that of the RTX 4090.

Whatever next Nvidia flagship is actually called, it’s sure to be a contender for a top spot on our best graphics card list when it arrives. And, thanks to the latest – though still highly speculative – leak, there’s strong evidence to suggest it will have the fire power to comfortably outclass the current top choice, the RTX 4090.

The new RTX 5090 rumors come via regular graphics card leak source Kopite7kimi, who uses their Twitter/X account to post their latest findings. Their latest musings on the RTX 50 series of GPUs regards the memory configuration, with Kopite suggesting that the upcoming GB20x GPU that’s expected to power the RTX 5090 will have a wider 512-bit memory interface compared to the 384-bit interface used on the RTX 4090’s AD102 GPU.

nvidia geforce rtx5090 memory bandwidth leak tweet

Combined with the use of the latest GDDR7 memory that’s expected to be able to hit as high as 28Gbps per module and you get a combined memory bandwidth figure of (512 x 28) / 8 = 1,792GB/s. That compares to the RTX 4090’s (384 x 21) / 8 = 1,008GB/s.

This huge leap is surprising in some ways but does tally with other rumors swirling around the RTX 5090. RTX 5090 specs leaks have suggested it will have 50% more CUDA cores than the RTX 4090 but yet other rumors suggest RTX 5090 performance will leap up by a considerably higher 70%. As such, a 78% memory bandwidth increase could be what bridges that predicted performance gap.

All we can really say with a fair degree of certainty is that the next flagship Nvidia graphics card is going to be immensely fast. Combined with the the fact that AMD RDNA 4 is rumored to be not trying to compete at the high end of the GPU market for its next generation products, that means we can expect the RTX 5090 to be even more expensive than the RTX 4090.

Future speculation aside, though, the graphics cards we can recommend right now can be found in our best graphics card guide. Here, we’ve picked out the top choices whether your budget’s $300 or $1300.