You can now get an Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti for less than MSRP

Gaming PC enthusiasts can now grab an EVGA Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti for less than MSRP, which could mean more normal GPU prices ahead of RTX 4000 release

EVGA Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti with price tag and smiley face on blue backdrop

EVGA is selling the Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti for less than MSRP, signalling a return to normal GPU prices. While we’ve grown accustomed to forking out extra cash for the best graphics cards, you can now upgrade your gaming PC with a current-gen contender and save a few pennies in the process.

On the EVGA store, the Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti FTW3 Black now comes in at $1899.99, thanks to a $100 ‘instant rebate’. The GPU still features a premium price point, but the fact you can pick up a high-spec option for less rather than more is a reassuring sign. The vendor is also limiting sales to two per household, which should help curb the risk of any reseller shenanigans.

Sadly, while EVGA’s discount will help normalise costs, other storefronts are clutching onto high GPU prices. Amazon US is selling an MSI RTX 3090 Ti that’s reduced to MSRP, but other options like the RTX 3080 are listed for more than the recommended retail price tag. You could say being able to get a graphics card at all is a blessing, especially amid ongoing component shortages. However, with next-gen successors like the RTX 4090 inbound, current-gen parts should be available for less.

The GPU price situation is seemingly easing up, and it’ll no doubt help make PC gaming more accessible as a hobby. Whether or not normal price trends continue with the arrival of the RTX 4000 series remains to be seen, especially since Nvidia has invested $10 billion securing next-gen components.

Before you take advantage of EVGA’s below MSRP discount, it’s worth considering what we know about Nvidia’s next-gen cards. Entry-level graphics cards like the RTX 4060 seemingly hold up against the RTX 3090, which means the current high-spec heavy hitter could end up at the bottom of the pile later this year.