Nvidia may delay RTX 4000 GPU launch due to oversupply of RTX 3000

GeForce RTX 4000 graphics cards may not be widely available until December, as retailers struggle to move current gen GPUs in the wake of a flooded used market

Nvidia GeForce RTX 4000

The Nvidia RTX 4000 release date could be pushed back even further due to the oversupply of RTX 3000 graphics cards currently flooding the used market, in addition to those yet to be shifted by board partners and retailers. The company has already attempted to scale back the production of its upcoming GPU chips, but it seems that the launch of team green’s best graphics cards could prove to be a messy affair for everyone involved.

Sources close to YouTuber Moore’s Law Is Dead say that the bulk of supply for RTX 4000 GPUs was “supposed to hit in October, but now it may actually be postponed to December.” This doesn’t mean that Nvidia won’t announce and launch cards like the RTX 4090 before then, but you may have trouble getting your hands on one until that time.

For now, retailers’ more immediate concerns appear to be the stockpiles of RTX 3000 cards that they are growing “desperate to move”, as worries mount that they won’t be able to sell the graphics cards for a profit. The sheer amount of current generation GeForce GPUs entering the second-hand market following the recent cryptocurrency crash are placing pressure on prices to tumble downward, which is naturally having a knock-on effect on the demand retailers are seeing.

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Just how long Nvidia can delay RTX 4000 is unclear, as the company understandably doesn’t want to give AMD RDNA 3 graphics cards a head start if it can be helped. In the interim, the coming months may be the best time to grab a gaming PC upgrade on the cheap, as falling prices are showing no signs of slowing down.