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This Nvidia RTX 4070 GPU is also a Spider-Man cosplayer

IEM Modding has created a Spider-Man RTX 4070 graphics card using the power of 3D printing to promote Palit's Maker GPU faceplate project.

Spider-Man RTX 4070: Cosplayer holding Palit graphics card with faceplate

Graphics cards like the newly released Nvidia RTX 4070 all look a bit samey, but what if your GPU could dress up in spandex? Well, Palit and IEM Modding have teamed to create a card with a Spider-Man twist, and the component’s costume is all thanks to the power of 3D printing.

The RTX 4070 is arguably Nvidia’s best-looking graphics card yet, which is mostly down to the fact it’s not the size of an original PlayStation 2. Unlikely the monstrous GPU featured in our Nvidia RTX 4090 review, the new 70-class GeForce option only takes up two slots, but still wears the same Founder’s Edition clothes. Custom variants also come with the same uniform for the most part, and that’s exactly why we are hyped about IEM Modding’s Spider-Man-inspired project.

Palit RTX 4070 next to custom Spider-Man faceplate

Over on Twitter, Plait uses the RTX 4070 Spider-Man GPU to promote ‘Maker’ — a campaign that aims to help enthusiasts dress up their cards. By visiting the manufacturer’s site, you can fetch 3D faceplate files that’ll lay the groundwork for a customisable cover. Simply put, you won’t have to buy expensive special edition components to give your graphics card a glow-up, and IEM’s heroic example illustrates why that’s exciting.

Over on IEM’s YouTube channel, a video reveal the process behind transforming the RTX 4070 into everyone’s favourite web-head. While anyone with a 3D printer can technically print off their own compatible cover, the team uses custom-made layers and an intricate paint job to transform the faceplate into a unique add-on.

YouTube Thumbnail

As you’d perhaps expect, you won’t be able to download 3D files for the Spider-Man faceplate, as it’s not an officially licenced product. Nevertheless, if you’ve got your own printer at home and a Dual RTX 4070, you could come up with your own design using the Maker template. Naturally, you won’t be able to use the covers on other custom cards or Nvidia’s Founder’s Edition, meaning the project serves as a reason why you should opt for a Palit model.

We’re still waiting for the RTX 4060 to arrive, but we’ll hopefully be able to play dress-up with Palit’s take on the entry-level GPU too once it arrives. Not interested in component cosplay? Why not check out our best graphics card picks instead, as the list features high-end pixel-pushing monsters and budget-friendly heroes.

Featured image credit: Youtube/@ItalianExtremeModders