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Nvidia working to make small PC builds easier for everyone

In an unexpected move, a report claims Nvidia is working to create a simpler set of tools and components for small form factor PC builds.

A small form facto gaming pc with the side panel raised so you can see into the build

A new initiative from Nvidia looks set to help small form factor (SFF) PC builders identify and purchase components perfect for their enthusiast builds. While the finer details of how this system will work are yet to be revealed, the early signs are promising and suggest that Nvidia is continuing to help the enthusiast community grow without needing to get its hands dirty and directly produce more hardware.

Nvidia is known for producing some of the biggest and best graphics cards, but these SFF PC plans suggest it is keen to establish some rules for all major PC components when it comes to fitting them into a less traditionally-sized case.

In a report from Wccftech, they claim “Nvidia is working with its partners which not only include AICs (add-in cards) but also chassis, PSU, manufacturers, etc, to put together components that are perfect for SFF builds”.

Rather than looking to release new, smaller graphics cards, it appears as though Nvidia is set to establish a set of guidelines for gamers and manufacturers to follow when building an SFF gaming PC. Nvidia’s partners, however, are free to experiment with concepts for new graphics cards provided they meet the “SFF Enthusiast GeForce” label guidelines.

The motivation behind this initiative appears to be making SSF PC building easier and as a result, more inclusive. It can dramatically reduce the need to put quite so much energy and time into researching parts, and more time can be spent actually building the PC.

While Nvidia is the big name behind this project, it’s suggested that this will largely be a partner-driven program, meaning once the guidelines are in place, Nvidia will have little additional involvement in the “SFF Enthusiast GeForce” scheme.

These guidelines will also help manufacturers plan future product releases targeted toward SFF and enthusiast builders. A physical label is being created to help builders identify products that have cleared the guidelines, and this starts with the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4060 and 4060 Ti which are already suitable for ITX builds.

We’re keen to see how this plays out, as ITX and SFF builds are becoming more common, with some builders opting for the smaller form factor over buying something like a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X due to their limited usability outside of gaming.

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