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Nvidia DLSS 3 is now strong with Stars Wars Jedi Survivor

You don't have to search a galaxy, far, far for DLSS now, as the latest Star Wars Jedi: Survivor update supports the Nvidia frame generation technology.

An image of Cal Kestis from Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, with the droid BD-1 on his shoulder with the Nvidia logo for eyes.

When Star Wars Jedi: Survivor first forced its way onto PC, there were no signs of support for Nvidia DLSSAs a product of the ongoing partnership between AMD and EA, this wasn’t surprising, especially with FSR being a direct competitor to Team Green’s upscaling technology. Yet, in a surprising twist, a brand-new update coming to the Star Wars game means that Stars Wars Jedi Survivor DLSS compatibility is finally with us, including DLSS 3 frame generation.

Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts, took to Twitter/X today to announce the release of the Star Wars: Jedi Survivor patch 7. This latest patch brings a series of performance-related improvements across the PC and other platforms, but most importantly, the AI upscaling frame generation technology from Nvidia has finally made an appearance.

A screenshot of a tweet from EA regarding the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor update.

The patch notes state that “additional performance and optimization improvements” will be available for the PC version of the third-person, action-adventure game set within the Star Wars universe. Among these improvements, DLSS support will be included, as will various crash and bug fixes that have plagued the game since launch. Although it’s not mentioned in the patch notes, the latest patch also adds support for Nvidia’s DLSS 3 frame generation tech, which will massively improve performance on the latest Nvidia Ada GPUs, such as the GeForce RTX 4070.

Although Star Wars Jedi: Survivor only came out in April this year, the inclusion of DLSS has been a well-requested feature for those with Nvidia GeForce graphics cards. Until this announcement, those looking to boost the performance of the latest Star Wars game had to resort to downloading mods instead. Modder PureDark released a DLSS 3 frame generation mod for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor on their Patreon months ago, alongside DLSS mods for other hugely popular PC games like Elden Ring.

While this official patch from Respawn and EA means that there’s no longer a need to rely on the modding community in this case, the same can’t be said for other AMD-sponsored games. Starfield, the next huge RPG from Bethesda, launches today with only AMD FSR, with official Nvidia DLSS and Intel XeSS support entirely absent. While the game remained in early access, modders acted fast to create DLSS upgrades, which are now some of the most popular Starfield mods available on the NexusMods platform.

Hopefully, the inclusion of DLSS support in the latest update for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is the beginning of more AMD-sponsored games benefitting from the performance enhancements available from Nvidia hardware.

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