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Oculus Quest 2 successor struts its stuff in hotel video leak

A Project Cambria unboxing has popped up online, and the leaked footage reveals Meta Quest Pro packaging and a glimpse at company's Oculus Quest 2 successor

Render of Oculus Quest 2 successor Project Cambria with purple and grey backdrop and words "oops" on front

An Oculus Quest 2 successor sample has popped up online, and it looks like Project Cambria will arrive as the Meta Quest Pro. Leaked clips give us a glimpse at the company’s next best VR headset and shiny new controllers, but not much has changed when it comes to its packaging.

In a rough and ready unboxing, creator Ramiro Cardenas (aka Zectariuz Gaming) shares footage of the Oculus Quest 2 successor weeks ahead of its Meta Connect unveiling. Bizarrely, Cardenas seemingly found the upcoming VR headset in a hotel room, which suggests it was left behind by a forgetful early adoptee.

The Meta Quest Pro is undeniably part of the Oculus Quest 2 bloodline, but the newcomer boasts a black aesthetic and various AR bells and whistles. Cardenas’ clip reveals front-facing headset cameras and additional lenses on each controller, something that’ll improve the device’s tracking and provide access to augmented reality.

Quest Pro: Video screenshot of Oculus Quest 2 successor with hand holding black headset
Image credit: Zectariuz Gaming

In addition, the short video shows off Meta’s Quest Pro packaging, but it looks like the Facebook firm is sticking with its current branding. The VR headset’s retail presentation essentially looks like a Quest 2 rework, complete with a Quest Pro label on the left-hand corner and a different product image.

In a statement provided to The Verge, Cardenas says the VR headset’s caretaker has reclaimed the device, but it’s not exactly clear who it belongs to. The front of its box is clad with a “Not for resale – engineering sample,” label, so it could belong to either a developer or even a Meta employee.

The leaked Meta Quest Pro footage appears legit, but we’d still advise taking the early look with a grain of salt. Engineering samples aren’t necessarily indicative of a final product, so the headset might look a little different when it debuts at next month’s Connect conference.