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Oculus Quest 2 sales jump ahead of Xbox Series X and Series S

Oculus Quest 2 sales figures suggest the Meta VR headset is the most successful model to date, outselling not only the HTC Vive but the Xbox Series X and S, too

Oculus Quest 2 VR headset with first place medal emoji on side

Meta’s Oculus Quest 2 has surpassed the number of Microsoft Xbox Series X and S lifetime sales, and it’s catching up with the PS5. The milestone makes Meta’s best VR headset the most successful virtual reality product to date, with a 97% jump in headset sales since 2021.

In a celebratory tweet, IDC associate vice president Francisco Jeronimo shares the Oculus Quest 2 lifetime sales figures while highlighting its success. According to Jeronimo, the headset has “contributed to massive growth in VR sales & consumer adoption,” with a 242% sales increase in Q1 2022 backing up the claim.

The Quest 2 is undoubtedly dominating the virtual reality scene, but it’s also proving to be a formidable contender within the gaming industry as a whole. The VR headset has a long way to go before catching up with the Nintendo Switch, but Meta has already shifted 3.4 million headsets more than Xbox Series X and S consoles. PS5 still sits in second place with 17.2 million sales, but there’s a chance that the social media giant could catch up to Sony.

It’s worth noting that ongoing component shortages and availability issues have affected sales since launch, so the Xbox Series consoles and PS5 could experience a surge if supplies increase. That said, the Oculus Quest 2 does continue to enjoy phenomenal sales success, something that’s a testament to the growth of virtual reality.

While the Quest 2 is Meta’s shining star, both the Oculus Quest 3 and Project Cambria will likely steal some limelight once they arrive. The latter is supposed to be more of a metaverse tool than a pair of gaming goggles, but it might still provide VR enthusiasts with a premium gaming experience.