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Oculus Quest 2 update could help you play VR guitar solos

Meta is set to roll out an Oculus Quest 2 update that enhances VR headset hand tracking, and it could help you play sick guitar riffs within the metaverse

Oculus Quest 2 update: User wearing headset and making devil horn signs with hands with text "epic riffs" above

An Oculus Quest 2 update is on the way, and it aims to improve hand tracking abilities. Announced at the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase by CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the refresh will address gesture recognition and general tracking performance while negating the need for VR controllers when interacting with the metaverse.

While the Oculus Quest 2 Pro was a no show at Meta’s game event, the announced Oculus Quest 2 update could help it stay on the best VR headset throne. The tweaks will apply to Meta’s Presence Platform, the AI suite responsible for interpreting human hands within the digital realm.

Zuckerberg says that “In the metaverse, your hands will move as naturally as they do in the physical world,” something the CEO says will help developers craft more immersive VR experiences. The Facebook boss uses the guitar app Unplugged as an example, claiming the improvements will enable you to play faster riffs, ultimately helping the experience feel real. If you play a lot of VR games, this might seem fairly ambitious, but the tech has already come a long way since the original Quest headset.

To help show off the new Oculus Quest 2 update, Meta has released a series of videos dubbed Hands 2.0. The Hand Physics Lab Comparison clip in particular hammers home Zuckerberg’s claims of natural hand movement, as it demonstrates a user performing dexterous tasks using Hands 2.0, including building Jenga blocks and dual-wielding pistols. Naturally, the latter demo could mean great things for the future of VR FPS games, but the improvements seem to primarily focus on metaverse related activities.

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Virtual Reality isn’t quite the fantastical experience Hollywood claims it to be, but endeavours like Meta’s Presence Platform update will help it make its metaverse ambitions a reality. We might need to wait for the Oculus Quest 3 or Project Cambria before we see anything revolutionary within the VR scene, but this Quest 2 overhaul may help Meta bat away competitors like the Valve Index, especially since it recently gained more new users on Steam.