Oculus Quest 3 could cost five times less than Meta Quest Pro

Oculus Quest 3 is on the way and according to Mark Zuckerberg, this new VR headset will be significantly cheaper than the Meta Quest Pro

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg holding CAD renders of an Oculus Quest 3

Oculus Quest 3 won’t arrive anytime soon, but despite Meta Quest Pro being all the rage currently, Mark Zuckerberg’s already talking up Quest 2’s successor. We’ve known for some time that Meta’s other new VR headset, reportedly codenamed Stinson, is coming after Quest Pro, but we’ve yet to see it in action officially. However, thanks to a recent interview, Meta’s CEO has given us our first real hint at its pricing.

Briefly touching upon Oculus Quest 3 (likely called Meta Quest 3), Zuckerberg joined Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella for a Stratechery interview. After recently announcing Oculus Quest 2 is getting Xbox Game Pass via xCloud Streaming, boosting its claim to be the best VR headset, Zuckerberg detailed how this partnership happened. Here, he discussed the differences between business and social platforms, then mentions Quest 3.

“I think there’s going to be a consumer device like Quest 2 and Quest 3, the next generation that we’re working on, we’re not releasing it right now,” Zuckerberg responds. Upon the interviewer mentioning this is breaking news, Meta’s CEO continues, stating, “Well, I don’t think that that’s a surprise to anyone, it’s not this year, but there will be a Quest 3 and that’s in the price range of $300, $400, or $500, that zone.”

That stacks up favorably to the Meta Quest Pro, which surprised many with its announcement that it’ll cost $1,500 USD, five times higher than Zuckerberg’s lowest price estimate for Quest 3. However, it’s worth remembering that Meta’s been clear since the start that Quest Pro is a business device first, while gaming is secondary. As such, these two headsets aren’t directly competing with each other.

It’s not the first time Quest 3 has recently been in the news. While Zuckerberg confirmed its existence last year, last month saw an Oculus Quest 3 leak via YouTuber Brad Lynch. Having received CAD images for the upcoming VR headset provided us with our first look at potential Quest 3 specifications. Just remember that much like any product currently in development, this isn’t necessarily the final design.