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Steam indie survival game gets even better with big automation update

Open-world survival crafting game Omega Crafter update 0.6 brings a big building overhaul and new automation tools to the promising indie.

Steam indie survival crafting game Omega Crafter gets even better with new automation update - The adorable Grammi companions carrying logs through a base.

If you’re a big fan of open-world survival crafting games in the vein of Valheim, and particularly those that feature automation elements such as Satisfactory and Factorio, you’ll want to take a look at the latest update for indie game Omega Crafter. The new patch is packed with all manner of new building tools, and also includes new coding and automation tools to help you get your base up and running as smoothly as possible. If you’re curious, there’s even a Steam sale discount to get you started.

Omega Crafter puts a distinctive spin on open-world survival thanks to its adorable sidekicks, the Grammi. These petite, programmable pals are your key to setting up a slick base of operations in this automation sandbox and crafting game. As you adventure, gather resources, and build out your base, you can set up the Grammi to pick up a lot of the slack on the busywork end of gathering, moving resources, and crafting items, letting you (and your co-op companions) explore together. You can even program them to dance – the Grammi, that is, not your friends.

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Omega Crafter update 0.6 has just arrived, and it packs in a whole heap of building options. There are over 30 materials to help you turn your base into something truly special, with everything from curtains to cannons and customizable blocks, all of which are available from the start. Component snapping has also been improved, making it easier to achieve your desired framework shapes when building.

Along with this comes twelve new coding blocks for your Grammi. These allow you to tell your companions to store items in specific locations, enter buildings, and change equipment, along with some more ways to check for certain conditions. All of this should make it even easier to get them working efficiently without you, leaving you to the more exciting business of discovering dungeons and tackling tough enemies. And if you’re eager to do just that, a Steam sale discount means now is a great time to do so.

Omega Crafter update 0.6 is out now. To celebrate, you can get the game at a 10% discount through Friday June 7, meaning you’ll pay just $22.49 / £18.89 down from its usual price of $24.99 / £20.99. Just head here to take advantage of the savings.

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