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A Onexplayer Mini Pro Intel i7 handheld gaming PC is coming

A new Onexplayer Mini Pro is available to preorder, and the handheld gaming PC has a speedy Intel Alder Lake i7 CPU and a 1TB SSD under the hood

Pair of hands holding Onexplauyer Mini Pro gaming PC with racing game on screen

A new Onexplayer Mini handheld gaming PC is coming, and it wields a speedy Intel Alder Lake under its dinky hood. The portable powerhouse also packs a 1TB SSD within its compact shell, but it’ll cost you more than double the price of a top-end Steam Deck.

The latest handheld gaming PC from Onexplayer comes equipped with an Intel Core i7-1260P – a gaming CPU with four performance cores and eight efficient. In addition, the mobile chip’s boost clock speeds can reach 4.70GHz, which sounds more like gaming laptop specs, rather than something you’d get in an on-the-go device.

The Onexplayer Mini Pro’s RAM configuration is worth boasting about too, as the machine uses a 16GB 5,200Mhz dual channel LPDDR5 setup. In terms of storage, its 1TB drive should hold a chunk of your Steam library, but the fact it’s a M.2 2280 module means you could, in theory, swap it out with one of the best SSD for gaming.

Onexplayer Mini Pro gaming PC sticking out of persons pocket with hand holding one side

There’s no denying that the Onexplayer Mini Pro is a premium, portable solution, and it isn’t really gunning for the Steam Deck. Features like Alps original esport joysticks are targeted towards enthusiast players, rather than gamers looking for a reliable on-the-go experience. That said, its size will appeal to Switch owners looking to make the jump to PC hardware, as it’s more like a handheld console than other portable slabs.

The handheld gaming PC scene is arguably booming, and various companies are looking to grab a slice of the portable pie. However, forces within the industry are set to take another route into the market, as Logitech and Tencent have announced plans for a cloud handheld that might rival the Steam Deck. Whether such a device will steal the limelight remains to be seen, but at the moment, contenders like the Onexplayer Mini have a firm grip on the mobile performance crown.

If you fancy taking a gander at the new Onexplayer Mini Pro, you’ll find more information on the company’s storefront, including specs and pre-order information.