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Cyberpunk 2077 meets FEAR as stunning new slow-mo FPS gets first demo

Cyberpunk 2077, FEAR, and Max Payne all come together for a gorgeous new FPS that brings bullet time to multiplayer, and finally has a demo.

Out of Action Steam FPS game: A combatant from Cyberpunk and FEAR influenced Steam FPS game Out of Action

One of the coolest features in any FPS, for the longest time, translating slow motion into multiplayer felt like an impossible task. If one player hits the bullet time button, how does that look for everyone else? FEAR, Max Payne, Trepang2 – some of the greatest shooters ever owe their style to slow-mo gunplay. But turning that into something competitive presents a considerably greater challenge. Enter Out of Action, an incredible-looking new FPS that mixes the hard sci-fi and arresting visuals of Cyberpunk 2077 with smooth, slow-motion combat and multiplayer. The online component isn’t quite ready yet, but if you want to try Out of Action’s combat solo, its first demo is finally here.

Out of Action is a movement shooter but in a completely different sense of the word. This isn’t about jumpy, spammy, rapid-button-press sweaty techniques. This is about grace, fluidity, and flair. Set in a dystopian future with a heavy, cyberpunk and anime-inspired aesthetic, the FPS game is somehow, inexplicably, the work of a single developer, working under the label Doku Games. Take a look at the trailer below:

YouTube Thumbnail

With solo and team-based modes, a huge arsenal, customization, community servers (complete with a true server browser), and actual multiplayer bullet time, the finished version of Out of Action sounds extremely promising.

For now, Doku Games has just released the first demo, which allows you to try a variety of the shooter’s systems – and its excellent combat mechanics – against bots. You can get it right now, right here. We’re still waiting on a precise release date, but currently, Out of Action is slated for Q4 of 2024. This could be one of the most exciting new FPS games in recent years.

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