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An Overwatch Halloween skin makes Ashe “pretty unusable,” but a fix is coming

The Warlock skin has some unintended side effects

Overwatch’s Halloween event is upon us, and while I thought nothing could be scarier than Zenyatta making use of his feet, it turns out I was wrong – the real scare is a weapon sight that’s difficult to see through. (Insert spooky ghost noises here.) Ashe’s new Halloween Terror skin looks cool, but players are very unhappy about how it changes her ADS, and Blizzard is on the case.

The Warlock skin changes the look of Ashe’s Viper rifle, and makes big alterations to the shape of the sight. Instead of a large, vertical sight with thin strips of semi-transparent yellow at the edges, the sight becomes a tiny, eye-shaped circle that glows extravagantly in yellow light. Reddit user chuck1337norris has a good comparison, and backs up many other fans in saying this makes the gun “pretty unusable.”

Overwatch chief Jeff Kaplan followed up last night to say that there’s a “fix in progress for Ashe’s Warlock skin aim down site issue.” (Yes, he acknowledged the spelling gaffe, too.) There’s not yet an ETA for the update, as the devs are “still working out a time table to patch this fix in.”

In the meantime, as cool as it may be, just don’t stick Ashe in Warlock gear.

Stay tuned for info on new Overwatch heroes, since we’re just a couple of weeks out from BlizzCon 2019. Lucky thing there’s nothing else currently going on for Blizzard outside of game announcements, right?