Overwatch Archives lore event starts next week

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The Overwatch Archives event kicks off next week, so naturally cheeky chappy Jeff Kaplan has teased some of the content we’ll be seeing.

Here’s everything from Overwatch’s Uprising event last year. 

In the latest Overwatch developer update video, game director Jeff Kaplan and lead engineer Tim Ford confirmed the annual lore event will now be called “Overwatch Archives”, and this year’s will be starting next week.

The Overwatch Archives event will see the return of the Uprising brawl, a PvE we first seen last year. The Uprising brawl marks a pivotal moment in Overwatch lore – Tracer’s first mission with Overwatch, when the team fought off omnics at King’s Row. The PvE is split into two modes: story and all heroes. In story mode you play as one of Overwatch’s original members: Mercy, Reinhardt, Tracer, or Torbjörn. However, in all heroes, you can play as whoever you please – even if it is as a fellow omnic.

“There’s all these cool moments in Overwatch history, and by going into the archives we can relive those,” Kaplan says. “Uprising was just one of those events.”

Though Kaplan didn’t give away much about the upcoming event, he did hint at a new skin for “your favourite Shimada brother” – meaning either Genji or Hanzo. My money’s on Genji, considering Hanzo has essentially become the butt of all Overwatch jokes. However, this is Kaplan we’re talking about. In addition, Kaplan revealed we will be seeing both uprising content and new content, in the event loot boxes.

According to Kaplan, more information about the event will be released as the week progresses, but an extra special announcement will be made during Wednesday’s Overwatch World League broadcast.

Unfortunately, Kaplan didn’t clarify whether a Blackwatch mission is being added during the Overwatch Archives event.

Overwatch Archives will run April 10 – April 30.