Overwatch Retribution PvE event: skins, map, enemies, and lore

overwatch archives retribution skins modes rialto

Blizzard have finally launced the new iteration of Overwatch Archives – the new title for lore-based events following on from last year’s Uprising. This year it’s Retribution: a new PvE event centered on Blackwatch, the spec-ops team that does Overwatch’s dirty work.

Here’s everything you need to know about Overwatch League.

Retribution follows Moira, McCree, Genji, and Reaper in a mission against Talon. It takes place on the new Venice-based map, Rialto, during a nighttime raid. The baddies are made up of Talon AI units in Sniper, Assassin, and Heavy Assault archetypes, and you’ll also be able to take on the mission in an all heroes mode.

overwatch archives retribution new map rialto payload

You should certainly expect things to go drastically wrong. Two lore videos, recorded by Gabriel Reyes and McCree, present debriefs from the Retribution mission. We know the operation is unsanctioned thanks to details in the Retribution comics, but these videos suggest things go very wrong indeed.

The event will run from April 10-30, and will also see the return of last year’s Uprising event. Rialto will also become part of PvP, with a daytime Payload variant set to soon go live on the PTR before it gets integrated into the main game.

Naturally, it wouldn’t be an Overwatch event without some new skins, and the trailer shows off the Moira Blackwatch legendary that was teased in the Retribution comic.You can also see it in motion in the video below.

Several other legendary skins have also been revealed alongside the full launch. Take a look at Scion Hanzo, Talon Doomfist, Talon Sombra, Pajamei, and Specimen: 28 Winston below. As you’d imagine from an event based in the lore of past Overwatch missions, these are all skins that depict our heroes in periods of their past lives.

Doomfist – Talon

overwatch retribution skins doomfist

Hanzo – Scion

overwatch retribution skins hanzo

Lucio – Equalizer

overwatch retribution skins lucio

Mei – Pajamei

overwatch retribution skins mei

Moira – Blackwatch

overwatch retribution skins moira

Reaper – Soldier: 24

overwatch retribution skins reaper soldier 24

Sombra – Talon

overwatch retribution skins sombra

Winston – Specimen 28

overwatch retribution skins winston