Caught Overwatch hackers think they can sue Blizzard because… reasons

Sombra hacks but doesn't aimbot

Schadenfreude, or taking pleasure in someone else’s pain, is rarely guilt-free. The kid who picked on you at school, grew up to get implausibly rich, and yet was burgled the other day – they didn’t really deserve that. You’re just a bit jealous.

But videogame cheaters whining because they’ve been caught and banned? Probably the best target for a little schadenfreude catharsis.

Sombra is a hacker, but not a cheater. Get to grips with Overwatch’s newest hero here.

Blizzard’s Overwatch has been suffering a spate of cheaters just recently. We hear that one popular aimbot can be programmed to occasionally miss, making it harder to detect.

But it seems Blizzard have either figured it out or else caught a bunch of hackers using less sophisticated tricks, because to judge from the salt on certain cheater forums, a banwave has clearly gone out in the last day or so. We won’t link you there for obvious reasons, but user Starcatraz has been collecting posts for his fellow players’ enjoyment on the official Overwatch forum. Pardon the shocking grammar:

“Got banned on my main. I should have known better to use a free hack…. this sucks”

“Im so ****ing pissed I literally run the hack 1 time which was yesterday and I get banned on my only overwatch account I just bought and now the sale is over ( ****ing people told me that the hack is undetected”

“Question, since i got banned from the game already, dose that mean i cant buy the game again at all ? is it for real for life ban ? or can i just buy the game again ? can some one please have a clear answer about this >_

“I’m going to sue Blizzard, who wants to join me?”

“ill join you, we’ll have a solid class action lawsuit” (No, you won’t).

That these people can muster the gall to get indignant about being punished for cheating remains hilarious, let alone the idea that they have a case to sue. Read the terms of service.

Have you been affected by hackers in Overwatch? Are you confident of jumping back in now that it’s “Ban-hammer down?” Share your experiences in the comments.

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