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Sombra, Overwatch's newest hero - all of her abilities, cosmetics and some tips

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It took her a while to get here, but Sombra is now officially a part of Overwatch. The new hacker is playable on live servers now. Below you'll find summaries and stats for all her abilities, a video of all her cosmetics, plus some quick tips on what to do to use her at her best. There's a lot to wrap your head around, particularly as she's the shooter's first proper stealth character and a complex one at that, but we'll keep you right. Boop.

Here are the best Overwatch characters so far.

Sombra Abilities

Primary Weapon: Machine Pistol

Sombra Gun

A fully-automatic machine pistol with short-range spread, deals a little less damage than Tracer's guns though has a larger magazine, can still headshot. Some straight-up stats:

  • Hitscan
  • 8 damage
  • 20 rounds per second
  • 60 ammo per clip
  • 1.5 second reload

Larger targets prove rather easy for Sombra to take down, and if you can get her aim right you can chew through targets rather quickly. You're never going to 1v1 a Reaper or out-snipe Widowmaker, but you can lay down fire effectively while waiting on your other, more specialised abilities to come into play.

Secondary fire: Hack

Sombra Hack

Sombra can hack individual enemies to disable their active abilities and prevent them using them for a short time. Also cancels any channeled abilities, like Roadhog's ultimate, but not passives like Mercy's self-healing or Lucio's aura. Hacking does not prevent enemies using primary weapons but it does reveal their health bar and if they have their ultimate to Sombra's team. It can also be used on turrets to shut them down.

She can also hack first-aid kits to stop opponents being able to use them for 60 seconds, as well as increasing the respawn rate of the kit itself. Hacked health packs also add to her healing stat when picked up by her team, and build her ultimate charge by large amounts.

  • 15 meter range
  • 1.2 seconds to hack - damage taken interrupts
  • Durations:
    • Abilities: 6 seconds 
    • Health Bar/Ultimate Status reveal: 20 seconds 
    • Health Pack: 60 seconds 
      • Spawn three times faster, 2.5 seconds for small packs, 3.5 for large.
    • Turrets: 10 seconds
  • 12 second cooldown - health packs can be rehacked to reset duration.

Exactly what is and isn't disabled by hack is still being investigated by the community. Some general rules are that all 'cards' (those things next to your ammo counter) are disabled, while anything else isn't. Ultimates aren't usable, however some ultimates are also interrupted - notably Roadhog's, Pharah's and Reaper's - but some are not - Genji and Widowmaker the best examples. A full list and ongoing investigation is happening over on Reddit.

Passive: Opportunist

Sombra Passive

Sombra can detect enemies through walls if they are below 50% health. This shows up as a golden outline, though does not display their exact health bar.

Shift Ability: Thermoptic Camo

Sombra Steath

Sombra can become invisible, giving her extra movement speed and making opponents totally unable to see her - there is no shimmer effect.

  • New movement speed: 8.8 m/s.
  • Duration: 6 seconds
  • Cooldown: 6 seconds (begins after becoming visible)
  • Fade time: ~0.8 seconds. Cannot perform actions while fading in or out.

Remains invisible when throwing Translocator or teleporting to it. All other non-movement actions decloak her, and the short fadeout time make it difficult to perform ambushes. She also has a dialogue-line when she reappears.

Taking damage will also drop you out of stealth, and reveal abilities like Hanzo's Sonic Arrow and Widowmaker's IR visor will show you to them and alert you with a detected message on the UI.

E Ability: Translocator

Sombra teleport

Sombra can throw a beacon which she can instantly return to by activating the ability again. This removes the beacon.

  • Duration: 15 seconds.
  • Cooldown: 6 seconds (begins after the beacon is teleported to or runs out)

Can be used freely while stealthed, but the beacon is visible to players. However, it can not be destroyed. A projectile while it's in the air, meaning D.Va's defense matrix will remove it.

Ultimate: EMP

Sombra EMP

Sombra's ultimate discharges an electromagnetic pulse in a wide radius around herself. The EMP blast does no damage but destroys enemy barriers and shields (including Lucio's sound barrier), hacks all opponents in range to disable their abilities, and disables turrets.

  • Duration: 6 seconds.

Charge times are difficult to judge for ultimates, but as a non-damaging, non-team-wiping ability, Sombra's seems to charge relatively fast. If you can get off some solid headshots against a tank, it'll build quickly, and it can be game-changing in the right circumstance - but remember that everyone can still pop you with their primary fires once you've disabled them. Here's Blizzard's run-down video of all her abilities in action:

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Sombra Animated Short - Infiltration

Sombra's reveal came with its very own animated short, titled Infiltration. It stars the lady herself, plus Widowmaker and Reaper, going after Katya Volskaya. Plus, a lil' cameo at the end from, well, you'll see.

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The BlizzCon version came with a pre-roll video designed to be 'hacked' by Sombra. You can see it here, or with a bit more audience reaction over here.

For the wider universe, this seems to be the final point in the storyline, and suggests that the next cinematic will feature Zarya going after Talon.

Sombra skins and cosmetics

As for how she looks in-game, here's our video of all her skins, voice lines and the rest:

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There's a lot of in-jokes here, most notably the amused emote where she summons the 'skycode' - a red herring the community became obsessed with as part of the long-running ARG. You can read more about that on the second page of this article. She's also had a 'boop' voice line added to her selection since this video was taken.

We'd also recommend taking a look at the full in-game version of the hacking intro, which displays another player before putting in yours:

Sombra Lore

Sombra was a gifted young hacker who wanted to expose the corruption inherent to big corporations in the aftermath of the Omnic uprising. She teamed up with the Los Muertos gang to revolt against Mexico's supposedly-corrupt government. In doing so she was put into the mix of a global conspiracy, forcing her to annihilate her original identity and go into hiding.

She then joined the Talon organisation, now equipped with bio-implants to allow her to hack anything without a computer, and continued to subvert their plans to destabilise global politics for her own ends, as shown in the cinematic trailer. Here's Blizz's Origins video:

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That's Sombra! Let us know how you're getting on with her in the comments. You can also see the full record of the Sombra ARG on page two.

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AnAuldWolf avatarBen Barrett avatarShriven avatarSelarek avatar「Spaerk」 avatarBETAOPTICS avatar+3
Selarek Avatar
1 Year ago

I won't lie, i'm a bit terrified by all this. There's more info here, in case someone is interested:

「Spaerk」 Avatar
1 Year ago

It is getting a bit tiresome to be honest.

1 Year ago

Update August 24th, 25th, 26th - The site: has a percentage (%) and in August 24th the % was at 3% by the time I saw itbat one video. This article showed that the percentage was at 4% but as I went to the site late last night, it showed 5%.

So that suggests it is somekind of steadily climbing countdown timer, but for what? More clues? Hero reveal? Who knows but it is some form of countdown. Follow that timer!

lialpesko Avatar
1 Year ago

Honestly it takes too long to introduce a new hero, all we have - just several rumors and jokes about it.

I hope the Blizzcon will bring good news about it.

TsunamiWombat Avatar
1 Year ago

She's just a little bit underpowered and lackluster, if we're being honest. Insanely fun mind you, but needs tweaking to approach effectiveness competitively.

Her stealth is fine, but needs a small reduction in time it takes to decloak.

Her guns DPS is a bit tepid, you cannot kill a 200hp attack character by pushing your gun point blank to their head and spending a whole clip. You will ALWAYS need to reload in order to take down a full health widow, even if EVERY shot is a headshot. I have tested this, by quite literally sneaking up behind one and unloading on their head. Her dmg should be buffed by ~25% and her clip size reduced to 40 to compensate.

Hacking is lackluster as it is. It should have a shorter duration, but also shut down primary weapons, allowing enemies only to evade not attack. Considering Mei can completly shut down a character for half a second with just her primary fire, this isn't unreasonable. And before you invoke range, Mei's cone is much longer than you think it is. Also, you should be able to de-hack health pack modules hacked by other Sombra's, resetting them to neutral, by using hack on them. Same for your allies, for that matter.

EMP is similarly lack luster, the shield removal is incredibly situational and it's hard to capitalize on the opening. Changes to hacking should fix that.

AnAuldWolf Avatar
1 Year ago

Hm. Either Valve is that much better at this, or Valve fans are more clever than Blizzard fans. I wonder which it is? I wonder if it's the former, as Blizzard hasn't really done an ARG before. Whereas Valve has an ARG expert (the Minerva person, I believe).

Ben Barrett Avatar
1 Year ago

They did an SC2 ARG before the release of Heart of the Swarm, but it wasn't especially complicated.

Shriven Avatar
1 Year ago

MvM ARG was great.

xNuke Avatar
1 Year ago

I'm going to laugh my a*s off when they reveal Sombra at BlizzCon and the entire's crowd reaction will be just shouts, whistles and general annoyance. "F***ing finally Blizz"!

Literally not even hyped anymore. .

xNuke Avatar
1 Year ago

I was wrong. The reveal was brilliant and the hype is back! *boop*