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Overwatch fans successfully bully Blizzard into changing Mercy’s Halloween skin voiceline

Mercy Halloween

A group of Overwatch fans have massed together, asking Blizzard to tweak Mercy’s Ultimate voice line for when she’s wearing her Halloween duds. Blizzard are delivering, albeit mid-November.

Wondering what’s coming next for the Overwatch heroes roster? We’ve got your back.

Overwatch’s Brawl mode introduced a new Mercy voice line that replaced her”heroes never die” ult war cry with”my servants never die.”

One player on the Overwatch forums wanted Blizzard make it so Mercy uses the voice line when wearing her witch’s outfit, too, and plenty of other players had their back.

In the end, game director Jeff Kaplan stepped in to answer to the overwhelming response.

“Ok,” he said. “ETA mid-Nov.”

You can’t say Blizzard don’t listen to fan feedback. If you have thoughts on this, let us know how you feel in that comment space down there. It’s all yours, that bit.

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Thanks, Gamespot.