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Flappy Bird meets Pharah, thanks to the Overwatch Workshop

Overwatch player has recreated hit sidescroller Flappy Bird for Pharah in-game using the new Workshop feature

Overwatch flappy Pharah

Looking for a dash of ornithology with your Overwatch? Probably not, but you might be excited to learn that one particularly inventive player has re-created the (in)famously entertaining sidescroller Flappy Bird in-game with Pharah.

Using the new Overwatch Workshop – a feature that lets you customise the game beyond its normal modes through bespoke scripts – ThriveR#11603 has built a pretty faithful rendition of the hit mobile title. You play as Pharah – an appropriate choice, given her jetpack and cool, fowl-themed attire. Load it up, and you will find yourself locked into a familiar battle with green pipes and gaps, not without a touch of nostalgia if you tried the original before it was sadly taken down from Apple’s App Store and Google Play in 2014 (though you can now download Flappy Birds Family on Amazon Fire TV).

Though perhaps a bit less ‘flappy’ than her pendulous predecessor, Pharah whips and charges through the obstacles from a convincing side-on perspective, with the scroll speed accelerating as you build your score, true to the original. Based on the creator’s comments, it also looks like the game has infinite play time just as Flappy Bird did, letting you battle on as long as your wits – and cramping thumbs – hold out.

Check out the video below to see ‘Flappy Pharah’, and her fight against obstacular oppression in action.


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In particular, notice the awesome fail animation, where Pharah plummets explosively to her doom – a new, but very welcome addition to the ‘Flappy’ format.

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If you’ve been inspired to pit your wits against ThriveR#11603’s creation, head to the game’s Overwatch Custom Game page, and see how long you can hold out against some mean, green, face-planting machines – the real foes of Overwatch. You know it.