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Overwatch’s Symmetra rework is live

overwatch symmetra rework

Update, June 26: Symmetra’s rework is now available on live servers.

Listen, it’s okay, we can talk about it. We all know Symmetra’s seen better days. She remains a fine choice for Overwatch players getting their feet wet in the game, but she hasn’t been a factor in competitive play for some time. (The less said about her state in Overwatch League, the better.) We’ve had the chance to play around with the rework on the PTR – and it’s now live on regular servers.

Though the Symmetra rework is the headline addition in today’s patch, there’s also a big array of new social features. Endorsements aim to make player feedback friendlier, the looking for group aims to make finding like-minded players easier, and you can finally set your profile to private.

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But aside from looking for group, endorsements, and private profiles, Symmetra’s rework is the big news. Her ultimate is now a standard ability, for one thing. The teleporter moves to the E key while Photon Barrier is Sym’s new ult. The teleporter is now a short range ability, which lets you place the exit up to 25 meters away while the entrance spawns directly in front of you rather than the spawn point.

The teleporters now last for 10 seconds, and you’ll also be able to sneak additional items through the portal, like Junkrat’s RIP-tire perfect for setting up some sneaky plays. Both the exit and entrance are now destructible, as well.

Naturally, Photon Barrier is also much different now that it’s sanctioned as an ult. It creates a barrier “that is big enough to span and cut through an entire map,” and you can change its facing by pressing the button again. It’ll have 5000 health for the enemy team to try and chew through.

Symmetra’s basic Photon Projector weapon is no longer a lock on, instead firing a thick beam in a straight line at increased 10 meter range. DPS is increasing from 30/60/120 to 60/120/180, but it now takes twice as long to power up to each subsequent stage. Alt-fire charges and moves much faster, and now explodes on impact for for grenade-like AOE damage rather than piercing targets.

On top of all that, her turrets are getting more powerful, and can be fired at walls from a distance. She can now only deploy three of them, however, each does more damage and provides additional slowing effects.

All these changes mean Symmetra is now classified in the newly christened “damage” class, instead of support. The rework is currently live. This update also includes the Horizon Lunar Colony rework we accidentally saw early, some buffs for Doomfist, and more. Alongside all this, we’re hearing rumblings about new Overwatch heroes, so news keeps rolling in on Blizzard’s hero shooter.