D.Va, Widowmaker and Mercy all buffed in Overwatch PTR patch – official patch notes released

Torbjorn buff

Update October 23, 2016: Yet more updates are bound for Overwatch, with Blizzard taking to the Battle.net forums to detail what players can expect. 

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“We’re planning on kicking off another build for the weekend,” details Principle Designer Geoff Goodman. “Hopefully it will be some timetonight, but I’m going to post the notes now so you guys know right away whats going on.”

Said patch notes include: –


  • Call Mech
    • Ultimate cost has been decreased by 20%

Developer Comments: This reduces the cost back down to what it was before the global ultimate cost change.


  • Venom Mine
    • Explosion no longer damages the player who placed the mine
  • Widow’s Kiss
    • Charge rate increased by 20%


  • Rocket Launcher
    • Minimum explosion damage has been increased to 25% of rocket’s total damage (formerly 12%)
    • Minimum explosion knockback has been decreased to 0% of rocket’s total knockback (formerly 75%)


  • Passive health regeneration now kicks in when Mercy avoids taking damage for 1 second (formerly 3 seconds)

Update October 20, 2016:Blizzard have now released the full official patch notes for this latest PTR release.

This specific PTR will be longer than usual – no doubt because of a Sombra reveal – so they’re going to be trying some new stuff, with bigger hero tweaks and more experimentation. Basically, don’t consider the patch notes below as final. You can see the changes as they are right now in that video above.

Here are the patch notes as they stand currently:

Hero Balance Changes


  • Dealing damage to non-players (like like Torbjorn’s turrets or Symmetra’s teleporter), no longer charges ultimate abilities
  • Ultimate costs have been increased by 25% for all heroes

D. Va

  • Mech health increased to 200 (formerly 100). Armor remains at 400
  • Movement speed while firing has been increased by 25%

Soldier 76

  • Pulse Rifle
    • Bullet damage increased from 17 to 20
    • Maximum bullet spread Increased from 2.2 to 2.4


  • Nano Boost
    • No longer increases move speed


  • Blizzard
    • Ultimate cost has been increased by 15%


  • Amp It Up
    • Healing-per-second has been decreased by 10%


  • Particle Barrier
    • Power gained from barriers decreased by 20%
  • Projected Barrier
    • Power gained from barriers decreased by 20%


  • Scrap is now automatically generated over time
  • The amount of scrap collected from a fallen enemy has been decreased by 40%
  • Forge Hammer
    • Swing speed increased by 25%
    • Damage decreased by 27%

Original Story October 20, 2016: If you didn’t think Torbjorn was buff enough, it seems the new Overwatch PTR is going to rectify that oversight. The latest PTR is available to download now and, while the official patch notes haven’t yet released, players are noticing multiple tweaks for a handful of heroes.

Here are the changes spotted so far:


  • Everyone’s favourite turret tinkerer will be assembling those automated guns faster now, as he’s hada slight speed buff to his building of small turrets.
  • He also no generates scrap passively, meaning he won’t be forced to dive into the fray to hammer out some armour pickups.


  • D.Va gets significant buff to health, with Blizzard pumping her up with an extra 100HP.
  • D.Va also moves faster while firing.


  • Mei’s ult now activates quicker.

Soldier 76

  • Soldier 76’s shot damage has been boosted by three points.


  • Ult speed boost removed.


  • You now only need20k EXP to level up, where before it was 22k.
  • Level up progress now shows once more on the UI.

Thanks to Reddit for some of the spots, which we’ve since tested for authenticity. We’ll update when Blizzard release the offcial patch notes, as there are likely more changes as yet uncovered.