Take a break from the competition this weekend with the finest PvE modes in PC gaming

Overwatch Retribution

Player versus Environment (better known as PvE) doesn’t really do justice to the modes covered in today’s Weekend Esc. It’s player versus the dead; player versus terrorists; player versus Cerberus, the Reapers, the Geth, and the Collectors. These are the standout PvE experiences in PC gaming. In some cases, they’re more diverting than the game they’re attached to.

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Today’s show is stuffed full of news, too. Overwatch Retribution is here! It took almost an entire year to make! But it’s leaving us again, because Jeff Kaplan doesn’t want a repeat of WoW’s endless clamour for PvE content. Meanwhile, in Fortnite, the port-a-fort is making waves. And forts. Mainly forts.

This week’s giveaway is an Assassin’s Creed mug and tumbler – perfect for poisoning your enemies, so long as you’re sufficiently close to your enemies to tempt them over for a cuppa. For a chance to win, simply complete one of the actions in the widget below – or more, to increase your odds. We only ask an email address, so that we can contact the winner. We’ve also got 500 access keys for PUBG’s Savage map test next week, so don’t miss that.

Enjoy the show, and have a fantastic PvEekend.

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