First pro Sombra play goes a bit more The Internship than The Matrix at Overwatch APEX

Pro Sombra play

Well, it’s happened. For all the doomsaying over overpowered abilities, then doomsaying over uselessness, a pro team picked Sombra yesterday during the final group games of the Overwatch APEX Season 1 tournament in South Korea. Taken by the leading team in a very lop-sided match, she proceeded to do not a whole lot alongside some equally odd picks, but did manage to get the EMP money shot off against a Lucio Sound Barrier before the team switched out to a more standard composition to immediately take the game.

If you’re wondering what she does, here’s our mini-guide to Sombra’s abilities, lore and more.

Here’s the clip of the most impressive streak player Esca managed to pull off:

Meanwhile, it started a little more like this:

Not exactly setting the world on fire, and very reminiscent of how most Sombras seemed to fare on PTR and in the first few days of competitive play. Still, there’s time yet, and as said by the commentators in the full VOD the odd team comp overall might have played more of a role than the lady herself. As we noted in the latest episode of Overwatch This, Blizzard won’t just let her languish either – Ana was turned from seemingly without use to one of the strongest characters in the game through a realtively simple buff.

The APEX tournament has now reached the knockout stage, with several western teams managing to survive the onslaught. Games kick off again tomorrow, in almost exactly 24 hours, with details on Liquipedia. Special props go to previous APAC Premier champions Rogue for managing to 3-0 their group without dropping a map. Crowd favourites NRG Esports sadly didn’t progress, losing in six straight maps to BK Stars and Team KongDoo Uncia.