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Relive your past glories in Overwatch Replays

Overwatch Replays is now live in the PTR, so you can relive your glories again and again

Overwatch flappy Pharah

Just imagine being able to watch yourself land a perfectly timed shield bash as Brigitte, or your McCree line up the perfect deadeye killshot again, and again (and again). Now, you can – Overwatch has introduced its first ever replay mode.

Now live in the Overwatch PTR (Public Test Region), players can start re-watching their last 10 matches from any vantage point. You can choose first- or third-person, or even bird’s-eye perspective to really get the best view of how your battles unfolded. You load up your replays in a new tab found in your Player Profile, and can re-watch matches from any game, except from the Tutorial or Practice Range.

Probably best of all, you get the snazzy time-control features you might hope for in a replay mode. You can speed up or slow down the game, and really zone in on those key match flashpoints, ready for your critical dissection – or for just sharing with friends. Especially if they were the ones you shield bashed.

Overwatch replays also lets you switch your UI aspects on and off, giving you the freedom to focus on your stats in those critical match-deciding moments, or just sit and back and enjoy the view, with nothing too technical Roadhogging the screen. Sorry. Mercy. Really, sorry.

Extra features include being able to spectate particular players, each assigned to a shortcut key you can tap to lock onto them, use a map overlay, and bookmark cameras to a specific spot if you want to use that angle again.

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This new feature will probably be exciting for fans of the game who have yearned for a replay option similar to what some of the other big online multiplayers, such as Fortnite and League of Legends, have – and have had for quite a while.

Now, go (re)play nicely.